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At CR Apparel, our mission is simply to be a representation of Christ in the earth. We are Kingdom Ambassadors, and our number one goal is to spread the faith of Jesus Christ in a creative way that reaches beyond the walls of the church. 

We would love to expand our reach by partnering with like-minded believers who desire to spread the love of Christ in unconventional ways. If you are passionate about fashion and evangelism, our Brand Ambassador Program my be just right for you!

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As an ambassador, you receive:

  • The opportunity to be a Kingdom Ambassador for Jesus.

  • Early access to Limited Edition CR Apparel Products.

  • 30% off CR Apparel products for life!

  • The chance to win exclusive monthly giveaways for ambassadors!

  • Features on our website and social media!

  • 15% commission off of every sale made through your discount code once you've reached $500+ in sales!

Ambassador Application

To become a brand ambassador, fill out the form below and a team member will reach out to you within 48-72 hours.

What other social media platforms are you active on?
Are you a brand ambassador for any other business?

Thanks for applying! We will be in touch with you soon!

Ambassador App
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